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ApertureExpert not-so-Live Training Session 020

Joseph @PhotoApps.Expert's picture
May 25, 2012 - 10:40am

Oh brother… small problem.

Apparently Google+ Hangouts “On Air” are “not available in my country”. I’m in Austria right now and had no idea that this is something that would be limited this way.

So, no live broadcast.

Chalk one up for GoToWebinar then. I didn’t have this problem from them, for sure (did one broadcast from a hotel in Vietnam!).

I’ll just record a session on my own and upload it. I’ll try to tackle the questions asked in the forum post, but fair note — I’m rubbish when it comes to printing. I’ll go through the dialog but I am *not* a printing expert at all.

sorry folks… seeya next time.

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Joseph @PhotoApps.Expert
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