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PhotoJoseph’s Photo Moments are a short video series that go live every weekday at 9:30am PDT. The topic can be anything photography related… gear, technique, what I’m shooting today, how I edited a photo… whatever! You can watch live at and catch up on past ones here. If you want a question answered in a future Photo Moment, post it on a recent video or announcement on Facebook!

Photo Moment - May 15, 2017

Q&A: Front vs Rear Curtain Sync and Electronic vs Mechanical Shutter

John Schwaller asked “I understand the three different shutter types: mechanical, front curtain, and electronic.  However, it is not clearly described in the manual when you would choose each, other than for silence or faster speed or flash.  Also, when and why would you choose 'auto'.

On prior models, I believe that there was a problem with shutter shock in a range of shutter speeds, so selecting electronic or auto for those speeds would help that.  I thought the GH5 solved much of that, but…??”



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