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Photo Moment - April 06, 2017

LUMIX GH5 *Successful* Autofocus Tests!

OK folks, you've seen all the FAILED GH5 autofocus tests… now watch the video where I took the time to make it work. 

Hey everyone… this video was recorded externally to the Ninja specifically so you could see the the on screen display, face tracking, etc. I wasn't aware that the autofocus performance changed when recording vs not. I haven't watched all of Max's videos so if he's said that, great, but I didn't know. This wasn't recorded this way to “deceive”, so to any of you saying that, you're wrong (and if you don't believe me, a) I don't care, and b) I don't care). I am completely honest that I am sponsored by Panasonic so YES I am biased. But I'm not setting out to deceive you, so wipe that idea right out of your head. I will do some more tests recording internally, starting with the settings I ended up with here, and tweaking (if necessary) from that. However I'm probably not going do to anymore tests following this format… it's boring and unrealistic. I will go out and shoot some real content and check AF as I go, and tweak as necessary. No one shoots real world footage like the tests you are seeing. So I'll start shooting real content. Stay tuned for more tests, and again I reiterate… relax, people. It's a camera. Not a religion. Quit watching reviews and go out and shoot. (update) Oh and by the way, shooting to an external recorder is far from invalid. It's a totally legitimate way to shoot and how many, many people do. So from that regard, this is a totally legit test, too.

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DISCLAIMER: I am a professional “photographic storyteller”; a photographer and filmmaker, and also a Panasonic LUMIX Luminary. This means I am sponsored by Panasonic and therefore naturally biased towards their gear. I regularly state this in my videos, but in case I don't say it, it's still true. You can learn more about the Luminary team at

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