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Aperture Inspector

Aperture Inspector


Aperture Inspector analyzes your camera equipment usage to tell you what gear you're using the most — and least! — so you can make educated decisions on what to upgrade, what to keep, or even what to sell. It's an incredibly powerful tool that lets you look at your shooting habits like no other application can.

It will also tell you how you're using your gear; for example, what aperture you most commonly shoot at with any given lens. Did you buy a ƒ/2.8 lens but usually shoot at ƒ/5.6? Maybe next time, you'll just get the ƒ/4 and save some money. Or do you find you always shoot wide open with most of your lenses? Perhaps the next investment should be in faster glass. With one of your zoom lens are you usually shooting right around the same zoom setting? Consider buying a faster fixed lens at that focal length!

You can even filter your results by date, and get answers to questions like "which lens did I use the most last year" or "since I bought lens XX, have much has my use of lens YY changed?". You can further refine the data of a specific piece of gear over a specific range of time. 

By analyzing the metadata of every photo in your Aperture library, you'll be presented with customizable charts and graphs to help you analyze your investment in metal and glass. Aperture Inspector looks at camera and lens models, as well as focal length, shutter speed, ISO and aperture.

Once you're in the app, most options are fairly self explanatory. By selecting Filter Equipment you can eliminate specific gear from view, and under Preferences you can set minimum number of images to filter rarely used equipment (or photos that friends sent you).

Additionally, you can add the price of each body or lens in your collection, and Aperture Inspector will calculate a cost-per-shot for each lens and body you own. This is another great way to see if you're getting full value from your investment, and can aid in the decision to upgrade, keep or even sell a piece of gear.

Technical Info & Requirements

Aperture Inspector requires Adobe AIR to run, which is a free download from adobe. If you don't have it installed, the first time you run Aperture Inpsector, it'll prompt you to download. Once launched, Aperture Inspector will analyze your Aperture library, which if is exceptionally large, could take several minutes. When doing this, it is only reading from your Aperture library, and is not writing anything to it. Further, it saves the info it needs in a cache in the Adobe AIR Application Support folder, which can be removed at any time. Finally, every time you launch Aperture Expert after the first launch, it updates the info from your Aperture library, but this happens so quickly that you aren't likely to see any delay at all.

Watch the video!

Want to know even more? Check out this six minute demo video and see exactly how it works.


Aperture Inspector


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