Adobe Spark; Ignite Your Creative Spark

When you hear Adobe, you think of huge apps like Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere. But it turns out they also make a series of smaller, simpler, more approachable apps that anyone can use. On today’s show we’ll be exploring the Spark collection; a trio of apps that let you create dynamic web pages, compelling videos, and engaging images for social media. Follow along to see just how easily you can create eye catching, exciting content to promote your business, share your vacation, or drive traffic wherever you like.

Photo Moment - July 17, 2017

Traveling Q&A: GX85/80 Kit, GH5 Training Update, and More!

Joseph is on the road today, but since it is Monday, why not answer a viewer's question? Eliocometto asked (through Instagram), “Hi joseph! I follow your work and I always see your videos on YouTube and I really love it! So.. I would like to buy my first mirrorless camera mainly for photo and I saw the GX80/GX85.. do you think it is the best choice at that price? 😉



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