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Aperture 3 Updated!

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June 11, 2012 - 7:05pm

It’s not the 4.0 we’ve been waiting for but here we go…

  • Retina Display Support
  • Aperture and iPhoto Unified Library
  • Advanced White Balance
  • Improved Highlights and Shadows
  • Professional Auto Enhance
  • Fast Browsing

Full description here: What’s New

More to come soon…

Update on June 11, 2012 - 7:13pm by Joseph @ApertureExpert

Thomas will be posting some thoughts as well, but here’s my short list (I have to leave in about 10 minutes, so…)

  • iPhoto for iPad’s amazing White Balance (skin tone sampling) is now in Aperture. Funny to see a feature start at the bottom but that feature is nothing short of amazing
  • Unified Library is a major architecture change, methinks. We will see how that affects performance.
  • The Highlights and Shadows samples look amazing. Hopefully as good as they show here… it’s already a very powerful tool but not so easy to use.
  • Professional Auto Enhance sounds great, and we’ll see what it does in the real world!
  • I’m not sure how Fast Browsing is any different to what we already had. Says they are put “to even better use”, but it’s not clear what that really means. Probably has to do with the new unified architecture.

Tell us what you spot below!

Update on June 11, 2012 - 7:20pm by Joseph @ApertureExpert

What’s in a version number?

By the way, at the moment there’s no version number listed. It’s definitely not 4.0 but what is it?

Update on June 11, 2012 - 7:29pm by Joseph @ApertureExpert

Watch the MacBook Pro video at about 4:25 and see Aperture… it looks the same but of course is updated for Retina Display.

Apple Aperture
Joseph @PhotoApps.Expert

Any word if this is a free update or an $80 update? Didin’t see that on the Apple site.


I’m sure it’ll be free, given the feature set.


-Joseph @PhotoApps.Expert
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There’s this asterisk at the bottom of (and other Aperture pages)

*Sharing photo libraries requires Aperture 3.3 and iPhoto 9.3

So there’s your version number.

Aperture is updated for Retina display but if you don’t happen to have a Retina display it doesn’t seem to be much of an upgrade. Also not a big fan of iPhoto. Still have version 8.1.2 and only use it to download cartoons from the web.
As always I will give the upgrade a try and see what develops.


This update should really - really - make someone do Seppuku.
The guy in charge for the user interface in the new Aperture 3.3 seems to have forgotten that user interfaces should encourage and help the user in the use of the software and make it easy to browse, use, get overview and help not to make errors.
This new user interface does none of those things.
Where are our colored folders, albums and projects ?
Where are colors in the icons ?
Colors made it easy to judge what kind of folder or item we speak about, now its only the design/graphics in the icons that define what we see, meaning that we now have to evaluate the small and often very subtle differences of the icons. We want speed and easiness, not something dull and hard to judge grey things.
Why is it necessary to make a really visible ugly user interface ?
Who at Apple can - in any way - make reasons for such deroute ?
This is really a disgrace to to Apple mindset regarding ease of use and good looking and good functioning products !

And who get the idea to change order of very often used buttons ? (Add adjustments and effect have changed place). What is the idea ?

Dont mess with things who woks !

I agree! Colours back, please. Grey on grey on grey makes my work harder, not easier.
Why fix something that is definitely not broken?


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